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Therapy Spotlight -Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage has been practised in India for a over four thousand years.

Part of the Ayurvedic treatment system, Indian Head Massage was used to promote health when used in conjunction with herbs, spices and aromatic oils.

Indian head massage was believed to not only ‘strengthen the muscles and firm the skin' but stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.

In India children receive massages daily from birth to keep them in good health. From the ages of three to six years old they are massage once or twice a week. After that age they are taught to share massages with family members on a regular basis.

Although originally developed by women as part of their grooming routine to encourage and improve the condition of the hair. Indian head massage, was used by barbers who practised many of the same grooming skills.
However the treatments performed by barbers were more invigorating, to stimulate the scalp and invigorate the client rather than improve the hair.

As barbers travelled to clients houses they offered (champi), head massage s part of the hair cutting service. In time, this became a custom; everyone, including royalty would receive regular head massage from their own barber.

Indian Head Massage only become popular in the western world after a physiotherapy student *Mr Narenda Mehta# decided to develop and combine both the skills of relaxing head massage used by the women in India for and the more invigorating massage used by barbers. In 1981 Mr Mehta introduced Indian Head Massage in Olympia at an Holistic Health exhibition which was a huge success.

From this growing interest in Indian head massage this has now became on of the fastest growing complimentary therapies.

In addition to the treatment oils can be used if required, such as Coconut, Sesame, and Mustard oil to add sheen and lustre to the hair improve dryness, and prevent hair loss.

The treatment last for about half an hour with the client remaining fully dressed, sitting relaxed on an upright chair, making Indian Head Massage an excellent mobile treatment which can be done anywhere.

In addition the therapist can also use incense, candles, and relaxing music to enhance the therapeutic atmosphere

Indian head massage power of touch-Mr N Mehta 1999.

****Benefits of Indian of Head Massage******

Indian Head massage:

Stimulates circulation, and increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue.

Relieves and relaxes muscular tension, headaches, and soothes the nervous system.

Relieves eyestrain, mental, and emotional tension

Stimulates lymphatic drainage helping to remove toxins and boost the immune system.

Improves circulation restores joint mobility, and stretches mobilises the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

Stimulates and improves circulation to the scalp promoting hair growth, and improves the strength of the hair.

Alleviates stress and revitalises the body.

Clears congestion from the head and aids concentration.

Re-balances the energy flow (chakras) to the body

Loosening of the scalp

Improves sleep and insomnia

Contra-indication which prevent or restrict
Indian Head Massage

Conditions which prevent treatment

Indian head massage should be avoided if the clients any of the following:

Head, Neck or Back Injury
Heart Condition
Recent Operations
Skin scalp Infection
Skin Disorder ie severe Psoriasis
Severe bruising /cuts and abrasions
Recent Haemorrhage
Under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Has a high temperature/fever
Is undergoing medical treatment has cancer
Severe high or low blood pressure
Is suffering form aneurosa- (dilation of the blood vessels)

Conditions which restrict treatment

Allergies Check for sensitivity to oils
Arthritis Check mobility
Blood Pressure Check with GP
Cancer Check with GP
Diabetes Check condition is stable
Epilepsy Check with GP
Pregnancy Avoid in first 12 weeks
Phlebitis Check with GP
Painful cysts
Chronic fatigue

Effects of Indian Head Massage

Tiredness and Muscular Aches

This is due to the release of toxins into the system and the reaction of healing energies that require the body to rest in order to assist with the healing process.

Emotional State

A heightened emotional state may be expired due to the cleansing effect of the healing energies.
Clients may feel tearful, sensitive, or light-headed, rest and water is sufficient.

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Therapy Spotlight - NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programme(NLP)
Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is the study and application of thinking, language and behaviour.
NLP studies techniques of how people learn, think and how to perform things with excellence. By studying excellence we can code this behaviour and then teach it to others to produce positive change .
Therefore an NLP practitioner will be able to help you:
Build and improve your personal relationshipsIncrease your self esteemChange negative experiencesIncrease your confidenceAchieve goals and excel in businessIncrease your communication skillsChange unwanted habits/phobiasIncrease your performance at work and find focus in your life
NLP is effective for making changes in :-
Career, Health , Relationships, Family issues , Smoking and Phobias.
Practitioner’s consultancy This service covers coaching, refresher courses, and one to one training for massage/beauty therapists entering and re-entering the industry, marketing. Business, and funding advice for therapist are available. We also have qualified independent business advisors to provide business plans, and start up information.
For more information visit;

Therapy Spotlight - Breathwork

Breathwork is an opportunity to make the journey to your Inner Self with more self-awareness.
Inhale deeply immediately followed by the exhale. On the exhale relax. This is Conscious Connected Breathing, you have a choice as to how you are breathing so you will not be hyperventilating, you are in control. Breath has energy (also known as prana or chi) which is released at the cellular level in the body. The buildup of this energy allows the cells to release memories of issues, events etc which are stored there. Just as toxic waste is released on each exhale from the body. On release of a memory, one views it as though they are watching a film.. You are in an altered state of consciousness, thereby, you are able to know that you are in the present and the past events which you are seeing are not happening in the now. One is, therefore, able to integrate and release from your system what does not support you today.
Healing is allowed to take place in a gentle supportive space. One is able to affirm life enchancing choices, experience extraordinary peace and a feeling of being centred. Healing on all levels are inspired; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Every person's Breath session will be different. You have a whole life of experiences which are all your own. How or what your body chooses to work with will be unique to you, so every Breathe you have can be different from any previous ones.
If you would like more information please contact Marleen

Monday, October 23, 2006

Messages in Water

This is must for vibrational medicine junkies...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Taster Talks

I am available for Taster Talks on Complementary Therapies, Goal setting, and rites of passages.

Contact to discuss a package for your organisation or visit for more information on full cost workshops.

Friday, July 14, 2006

~Walking the Path of the Pioneer~

As I said before - It ain't easy being a Queen.........

I have been inspired to write this because of an email I received from a friend...

One of those emails life is short ..Etc..Etc....
We read the information and send to five friends the close the email and switch off (literally).

Some of us sit down and meditate on the next step, some of us go home to cook and get back into the daily grind of the tick tock generation, What happened to thelife is short philosophy we adopted two hours ago? The email dissolves into the past as soon as we enter Primark to buy those shoes, or the latest electrical gadget, as we comfort ourselves with 'life is short'.

My life is a mass of chaotic spirituality mixed with wisdom, tears, grace and creativity. There are times when I feel overwhelmed by sadness, joy and love, sometimes I wish I would be able to be satisfied with a 'normal' lifestyle and job (ignorance is bliss). So I strive to honor my self in some way by living creatively.

I have on numerous occasions walked away from situations in my life that was not working for me - and as the scales require balance I have also stayed too long in many situations that did not meet my heart and soul needs.

As I close said 'email' my conclusion of the positive emails are this - words of comfort during challenging times. Because lt is hard walking the path of the pioneer, and many people do not want to be in that place of aloneness and constant challenge. It is definitely the place of the blue pill vs the red pill once you take either pill you are at that place of no return .


Friday, July 07, 2006

*Thoughts on Sista Hood*

I posted this as a response one of myspace friends an amazing woman Tajmonigrip.

Sista hood is essential - I am so up for womb man hood and sharing, and celebrating our Goddess energy. The influences of the media and the education and social structures that are in place sometimes add fuel our insecurities, and wounds.

To be the best or the prettiest guarantee a higher place on the food chain. In turn we become more competitive, distrustful and scorn towards each other. As sista circles lose out to plasma televisions and pirate DVD'S etc we are becoming a more disenfranchised race. The Matriarch the powerhouse of the family has been relegated to the position of just looking good with no sense of self and rightful position in this society.

We have to own our greatness; we have to go through a personal revolution and evolution before we have our own solution, which cannot be found outside of ourselves. This is why I posted the blog who is the Goddess because we so need to know ourselves.

Keep up the good work Sisters, I see the beauty in you only because I recognize the beauty in myself. Ashe

Friday, June 09, 2006

How to: How to make an Ankh


This is a just a fun project I wanted to make an Ankh for my alter so I completed this very quickly. I did not take too much time fixing and making this perfect because I just wanted to make this experience fun. Enjoy!!!

Equipment :
Cutting Board
A Craft knife
Acrylic Paints or Craft Paints
Air Dried Clay
Precious Stones - beads etc

Step One: design your Ankh on plain or graph paper. ( you can obtain a template from the internet or from a good craft book).

Step Two: Knead the Air Dried clay and roll out on a board then cut your ankh over the newspaper. Note my clay has thumb marks but I smoothed these out after.

Step Three: This is the part where you can add more clay , I found that my Ankh was too thin so I added a bit more clay .

Step Four: I wanted to change the top part so I also added more clay around this area.

Step Five: Paint your Ankh (you do not have to use the Chakra colours you can use any colours that you wish). Remember you can add precious stones etc.

Step Six: Finished Painting and now you can add varnish to give that glossy look!!

Step Seven: All I need is to add the other bits soon . Since I have completed this project I have been informed that you can use molds for Air Dried clay. However I found the organic process of making this by hand fantastic. But I will try another project from a mould.

Copyright © mjfontaine

Friday, May 26, 2006


Who is the Goddess?


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Art within sacred play and goal setting.

Saturday, December 10, 2005
In the past I when I have run my women’s workshops, I have used a combination of tools involving ritual, discussion, dance and meditation.
I have also attended so many workshops which have had a profound effect on my journey using all the above tools.
However I found the most enjoyable tool used in workshop is the use of Art (my favorite form of expression), for example creating a specific piece of artwork to represent a journey, or goal.
An effective tool to plan/heal/ set a goal or intentions is to make a Collage. Collage bypasses the subconscious mind without the added pressure of wanting to create a masterpiece. We all have our own inner artiste, but painting or drawing may not be the correct medium for us to exercise our creativity.
Even though Creativity and life or the same we all have a place under this catergory, that’s why we have Griots or Cantadora's (keeper of stories), dancers, nurturers etc . Also collage produces the fun factor cutting out magazines, one becomes like a child again, which is also a sacred place.
With Collage we can select images that whisper to our soul and use them to help us through issues; we can then heal and plan the next stage if we trust the workings of the Creator.
One way to successfully work with issues is designing a soul collage card;
Soul Collage & Spirituality: 9 Steps to Your First Soul Collage™ Card Fall in Love with You with Soul Collage by Anne Marie Bennett try
This is very a very good way of working with collage, and working with any issues or blocks. (Believe me it works!).
Collage can be used to make a treasure map of goals - 'Creative Visualisation' by Shakti Gawain details this process.
I have attained my goals through this process, even if I forgot about a collage/goal when I went back to it found months or years later that 90f my goals have been materialised.
In the Summer I will run another workshops, and I will introduce the Soul Collage card into the space, so if your in England and you wanna access your inner artiste watch this space.

A journey through the body - (Sacred Dance).

Belly dancing

This is a powerful creative way to get back into the body and exercise. There are symbols used within the dance such as the 'Figure of Eight' which represent infinity and the connection to the Divine. Other movements are used to clear and open up the Sacrel and Solar Plexus chakras. There are also the Egyptian arm movement called the 'Open Heart' which helps with opening the heart and inproves confidence.
Belly dancing is also helpful for strengthing the internal muscles, and posture. This form of exercise is fun and works the physical, emotional and spiritual centres of the body. This is also good releasing any blocked energy within the body. Apparently good during pregnancy as it exercises the pelvis -
( I suggest that earth mothers check with their midwives/doulas before undertaking any exercises).

Body adornment -

To adorn is to honour During sacred ceremonies the body was adorned.
Piercings, tattoos, dyeing of the hair etc is nothing new !

* I had a discussion with a group of Somalian women who told me secrets of how they groom and honour their bodies, I blushed - (there was no talk of female circumcision although this is a very serious subject).

Every culture or group is different regarding body adornment. I enjoyed the collection of waist beads I recieved from a friend via Sierra Leonne.

I learned to use Henna to adorn my body via the ladies from Lahore, and Sri Lanka, and Headwrapping techniques from a Yoruba initiate from west london. My piercings! via a Tattoo shop in East London LOL.

For me body adornment is an ancient art, but there is a thin line between tasteful and tasteless - concious body art yes.

The sad part is that the same indigenous customs and practises termed 'primitive' and 'savage' have now been reintroduced into society with the spiritual aspects taken out very interesting!
For the countless women who lose their power of authenticity and cast away their dreams to live a life of another's, religion, family, institution, role. - live your life, adorn yourself for you begin it now!!!!

chapter from my fourthcoming book

Quadrille (Hidden London part I) The History of a traditional dance

I recently had the pleasure of watching elders perform the Quadrille dance here in England. As most elders of Caribbean decent have returned 'Home' to their respective countries ie Jamaica, Barbados, St Vincent , St Lucia, Trinidad, Dominica, etc I really felt quite honoured to witness the grace, spirit and pride applied to this dance. .
As I watched the trimmed and well dressed elders perform the dance I couldn't help feeling a little sad, as this dance was performed within an Afro Caribbean elders home.. I wondered has this society influenced our community so much that we now are happy to place our elders in sheltered accommodation locked away with so much out formation which is so valuable for us?.
Without the presence of Grandparents or Elders within the home environment we miss a big part of the history of our culture. However the experience of watching the Quadrille dance I understand how important dance is , be it Hip hop, Reggae, Jazz, salsa and calypso. (I bet there is a good story behind the four – mation (Candy) dance any body know about this one?
Anyway back to the dance, the tutor told me that she hopes to bring the Quadrille to schools as a dance option, maybe this will be a way to bring back understanding to our young about the origins and importance of dance.
There are times however when our dance needs to be approached with the same grace, spirit and pride as the Quadrille dancers and not the savvy, overexposed and incorrect sexuality we seen on MTV that dominate our homes.
The dance
The Quadrille dance originated from Plantation days via France and was introduced in place of African ritual dance, as the Plantation owners were afraid that the slaves would revolt if they continued to use their indigenous dance.
The dance was also used to communicate and as a way of protesting in a covert way. I was told that the dancers also learned about geometry (isn't there sacred geometry).
The dance started with couples positioned in a formal square position–very similar to the waltz where the partners were rotated whilst keeping the dance circle. For more in-depth info and pictures of the dance here is a very good website. - A good site which details the African connection and Dominica and the West Indies included info on herbs, language, music and religion

The Influence of Hip Hop music.


Monday, February 13, 2006
Thinking about the death of a great producer, whom I did not realize produced so many artists (at least I'm honest and not pretending eh guys). Anyway listening to the tribute show on the internet, took me back to the dayz when Hip Hop was a music that instilled pride, spoke about social injustice, and tackled the hard ships of day to day living in a concrete jungle.
Hip - Hop was a time of self expression, education and social awareness, listening to most artists and you would learn something, yes there were other issue and bravado, beef etc but at least there was more consciousness than the circus that we have today with some artists(you know who you are!). Also MTV was not the televised lap dancing pimps club it is today. We used to watch MTV to get the latest dance moves, not the case now.
During the height of Hip Hop, the club scene here in London was rocking. On Fridays Soul II Soul played to a packed Fridge club in Brixton. As soon as you walked in there were dance battles going on in every part of the club. High tops vs. High tops, Boys vs. Girls, A few drunk people vs. the whole club, who for some reason always ended up with ; a) on the stage drunk dancing way out of sync, remember brothers were dropping splits and serious acrobatics , b) treading on your toes no matter how much you moved away from them LOL! , afterwards every body would go and have antibiotic free chicken.
The High tops rocked to Heavy D's - I want somebody to love me, and the crowd parted like the Red Sea when Aitch or Jazzy B dropped Ultra Magnetics Chorus Line !!!
Then on Saturdays, (yes the next day ) we moved onto Dance Wicked, again with Soul II Soul, where you had a choice of hardcore Hip Hop in one room, and Soulful house in another.

Message from Sobonfu

2006 message from Sobonfu Category: Friends
What's in this year 2006?Just when we are about to leave our water-related traumas of 2005, here we are back in the year of water. How odd? Well, instead of being resentful, allow yourself to have a different and deeper relationship with water. Let yourself flow like the river.
You will be faced with questions such as: What does my soul thirst for and where can I find this thing to quench its thirst? Where is my life force and my will to live? How do I deal with the influx of emotions that are coming my way?
Your quest for peace, balance and reconciliation will be challenged as well as rewarded. Events in your life will make you doubt yourself. As you will see, this year will certainly make you ask more questions than you will find answers. Remember to keep your head above water and to be mindful of your emotions. Give your emotions the chance to cool off before taking any actions.
Consider doing a whole self-cleansing -- spiritual, physical and mental. This is a good time to release any thoughts; feelings or things that hold you back in your spiritual growth and well-being. Be mindful of procrastination this year. Consciously choose to deal with things as they arise, rather than letting them build into obstacles that impede the flow of your life. Invoke the healing power of water: its thirst-quenching and purifying qualities. Ask that it bring you serenity, focus, clarity and wisdom. Make an offering to the spirit of water. There is wisdom out there; allow yourself to emerge in it.
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Reflections on Life, love, Creativity, Health ,Wealth, and myspace

I never travel anywhere without bringing my mobile alter.
My travel alter consists of a medal from Lourdes my mother gave me , my crystals ; Rose Quartz crystal, Black Tourmaline, Turquoise and whatever I pick up on the way out . I also have a small medicine bag full of special objects.
I always have to bring Nag Champa, my friends and family have became devotees of this sexy incense, and now ask if I am bringing this. Alters always sets the scene in any cold hotel room, I even prefer to unpack my objects rather than my clothes. I also bring a journal or a small note book, when I feel the need to vent my spleen or write deep and meaningful insights. I also seem to have an epiphany when I am away, which is quickly lost during a hard nights raving.
Anyway smug unspiritual /ironic friend asks me tartly 'it is a bit much to carry all this stuff with you all the time, what if you lose all that stuff? Well... my answer is that Alters are a representation of the creator, the universe and my dame fine self LOL. (This was lost on her even the last bit!).
As long as I have access to objects which represent either the elements such as a stone, shell, feather water element etc (the list is endless) or objects which I just like to look at,... I am able to create an alter...and feel at home from my own home...
In the past I have recommended that clients create alters which represent them, rather than how the alter should look like; for example my friend has small objects by the kitchen sink, this is an alter representing her fun /inner child side and the only time she has to come to this place, and feel good during the washing up (unfortunately) but this times till makes her feel very calm being amongst her small objects.
I suppose my love of alters date back to Madame Pompidou (Ma) she always had an alter of saints within the home, (funny not one of them resembled us). Anyway Ma still kneels down to pray to these saints on her alter, at the beginning and the end of the day, Heaven help us if we disturbed her during her prayer time! (talk about good boundaries and fear).
My mother is not alone though ,After reading the book Beautiful Necessity the art and meaning of women's alters - by Kay Turner I saw so many versions of my mothers alter from South American to Senegal. So I suppose I am carrying on my with my mothers tradition.
The only difference is that my alter has images s of people that look like and represent me *smiles*
p.s Some alter sites...

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