Thursday, May 25, 2006

Art within sacred play and goal setting.

Saturday, December 10, 2005
In the past I when I have run my women’s workshops, I have used a combination of tools involving ritual, discussion, dance and meditation.
I have also attended so many workshops which have had a profound effect on my journey using all the above tools.
However I found the most enjoyable tool used in workshop is the use of Art (my favorite form of expression), for example creating a specific piece of artwork to represent a journey, or goal.
An effective tool to plan/heal/ set a goal or intentions is to make a Collage. Collage bypasses the subconscious mind without the added pressure of wanting to create a masterpiece. We all have our own inner artiste, but painting or drawing may not be the correct medium for us to exercise our creativity.
Even though Creativity and life or the same we all have a place under this catergory, that’s why we have Griots or Cantadora's (keeper of stories), dancers, nurturers etc . Also collage produces the fun factor cutting out magazines, one becomes like a child again, which is also a sacred place.
With Collage we can select images that whisper to our soul and use them to help us through issues; we can then heal and plan the next stage if we trust the workings of the Creator.
One way to successfully work with issues is designing a soul collage card;
Soul Collage & Spirituality: 9 Steps to Your First Soul Collage™ Card Fall in Love with You with Soul Collage by Anne Marie Bennett try
This is very a very good way of working with collage, and working with any issues or blocks. (Believe me it works!).
Collage can be used to make a treasure map of goals - 'Creative Visualisation' by Shakti Gawain details this process.
I have attained my goals through this process, even if I forgot about a collage/goal when I went back to it found months or years later that 90f my goals have been materialised.
In the Summer I will run another workshops, and I will introduce the Soul Collage card into the space, so if your in England and you wanna access your inner artiste watch this space.

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