Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Influence of Hip Hop music.


Monday, February 13, 2006
Thinking about the death of a great producer, whom I did not realize produced so many artists (at least I'm honest and not pretending eh guys). Anyway listening to the tribute show on the internet, took me back to the dayz when Hip Hop was a music that instilled pride, spoke about social injustice, and tackled the hard ships of day to day living in a concrete jungle.
Hip - Hop was a time of self expression, education and social awareness, listening to most artists and you would learn something, yes there were other issue and bravado, beef etc but at least there was more consciousness than the circus that we have today with some artists(you know who you are!). Also MTV was not the televised lap dancing pimps club it is today. We used to watch MTV to get the latest dance moves, not the case now.
During the height of Hip Hop, the club scene here in London was rocking. On Fridays Soul II Soul played to a packed Fridge club in Brixton. As soon as you walked in there were dance battles going on in every part of the club. High tops vs. High tops, Boys vs. Girls, A few drunk people vs. the whole club, who for some reason always ended up with ; a) on the stage drunk dancing way out of sync, remember brothers were dropping splits and serious acrobatics , b) treading on your toes no matter how much you moved away from them LOL! , afterwards every body would go and have antibiotic free chicken.
The High tops rocked to Heavy D's - I want somebody to love me, and the crowd parted like the Red Sea when Aitch or Jazzy B dropped Ultra Magnetics Chorus Line !!!
Then on Saturdays, (yes the next day ) we moved onto Dance Wicked, again with Soul II Soul, where you had a choice of hardcore Hip Hop in one room, and Soulful house in another.

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