Thursday, May 25, 2006

A journey through the body - (Sacred Dance).

Belly dancing

This is a powerful creative way to get back into the body and exercise. There are symbols used within the dance such as the 'Figure of Eight' which represent infinity and the connection to the Divine. Other movements are used to clear and open up the Sacrel and Solar Plexus chakras. There are also the Egyptian arm movement called the 'Open Heart' which helps with opening the heart and inproves confidence.
Belly dancing is also helpful for strengthing the internal muscles, and posture. This form of exercise is fun and works the physical, emotional and spiritual centres of the body. This is also good releasing any blocked energy within the body. Apparently good during pregnancy as it exercises the pelvis -
( I suggest that earth mothers check with their midwives/doulas before undertaking any exercises).

Body adornment -

To adorn is to honour During sacred ceremonies the body was adorned.
Piercings, tattoos, dyeing of the hair etc is nothing new !

* I had a discussion with a group of Somalian women who told me secrets of how they groom and honour their bodies, I blushed - (there was no talk of female circumcision although this is a very serious subject).

Every culture or group is different regarding body adornment. I enjoyed the collection of waist beads I recieved from a friend via Sierra Leonne.

I learned to use Henna to adorn my body via the ladies from Lahore, and Sri Lanka, and Headwrapping techniques from a Yoruba initiate from west london. My piercings! via a Tattoo shop in East London LOL.

For me body adornment is an ancient art, but there is a thin line between tasteful and tasteless - concious body art yes.

The sad part is that the same indigenous customs and practises termed 'primitive' and 'savage' have now been reintroduced into society with the spiritual aspects taken out very interesting!
For the countless women who lose their power of authenticity and cast away their dreams to live a life of another's, religion, family, institution, role. - live your life, adorn yourself for you begin it now!!!!

chapter from my fourthcoming book


Nordette Adams said...

Hi! Thank you for posting this informative post on belly dancing/sacred dance. That just happens to be one of my interest.:-)

Also thank you for dropping by Confessions of a Jersey Goddess and leaving a comment at NOLA, C'est Tout Bon.

Mj said...

Thank you Nordette I will keep dropping by to get more info from your wonderful site..


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