Thursday, May 25, 2006

Message from Sobonfu

2006 message from Sobonfu Category: Friends
What's in this year 2006?Just when we are about to leave our water-related traumas of 2005, here we are back in the year of water. How odd? Well, instead of being resentful, allow yourself to have a different and deeper relationship with water. Let yourself flow like the river.
You will be faced with questions such as: What does my soul thirst for and where can I find this thing to quench its thirst? Where is my life force and my will to live? How do I deal with the influx of emotions that are coming my way?
Your quest for peace, balance and reconciliation will be challenged as well as rewarded. Events in your life will make you doubt yourself. As you will see, this year will certainly make you ask more questions than you will find answers. Remember to keep your head above water and to be mindful of your emotions. Give your emotions the chance to cool off before taking any actions.
Consider doing a whole self-cleansing -- spiritual, physical and mental. This is a good time to release any thoughts; feelings or things that hold you back in your spiritual growth and well-being. Be mindful of procrastination this year. Consciously choose to deal with things as they arise, rather than letting them build into obstacles that impede the flow of your life. Invoke the healing power of water: its thirst-quenching and purifying qualities. Ask that it bring you serenity, focus, clarity and wisdom. Make an offering to the spirit of water. There is wisdom out there; allow yourself to emerge in it.
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2006 Events- Go to:; May 12-21 Nine-gates Mystery School in Santa Barbara, CA 707-779-8236 May 19-21 Two year training in Oregon Starts- May 26-28 Northern California Grief Ritual in Sonoma. 916-446-5536 7-10 Conference in Atlanta, GA Contact June 16 to July 2 Europe Programs. Contact corinnaveit@begegnungs-reisen.deTo learn more go to: - We are also starting a 2-year training in Oregon. For more information contact: 541-937-8298 or More info to come at:

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