Friday, June 09, 2006

How to: How to make an Ankh


This is a just a fun project I wanted to make an Ankh for my alter so I completed this very quickly. I did not take too much time fixing and making this perfect because I just wanted to make this experience fun. Enjoy!!!

Equipment :
Cutting Board
A Craft knife
Acrylic Paints or Craft Paints
Air Dried Clay
Precious Stones - beads etc

Step One: design your Ankh on plain or graph paper. ( you can obtain a template from the internet or from a good craft book).

Step Two: Knead the Air Dried clay and roll out on a board then cut your ankh over the newspaper. Note my clay has thumb marks but I smoothed these out after.

Step Three: This is the part where you can add more clay , I found that my Ankh was too thin so I added a bit more clay .

Step Four: I wanted to change the top part so I also added more clay around this area.

Step Five: Paint your Ankh (you do not have to use the Chakra colours you can use any colours that you wish). Remember you can add precious stones etc.

Step Six: Finished Painting and now you can add varnish to give that glossy look!!

Step Seven: All I need is to add the other bits soon . Since I have completed this project I have been informed that you can use molds for Air Dried clay. However I found the organic process of making this by hand fantastic. But I will try another project from a mould.

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