Friday, July 07, 2006

*Thoughts on Sista Hood*

I posted this as a response one of myspace friends an amazing woman Tajmonigrip.

Sista hood is essential - I am so up for womb man hood and sharing, and celebrating our Goddess energy. The influences of the media and the education and social structures that are in place sometimes add fuel our insecurities, and wounds.

To be the best or the prettiest guarantee a higher place on the food chain. In turn we become more competitive, distrustful and scorn towards each other. As sista circles lose out to plasma televisions and pirate DVD'S etc we are becoming a more disenfranchised race. The Matriarch the powerhouse of the family has been relegated to the position of just looking good with no sense of self and rightful position in this society.

We have to own our greatness; we have to go through a personal revolution and evolution before we have our own solution, which cannot be found outside of ourselves. This is why I posted the blog who is the Goddess because we so need to know ourselves.

Keep up the good work Sisters, I see the beauty in you only because I recognize the beauty in myself. Ashe

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