Friday, July 14, 2006

~Walking the Path of the Pioneer~

As I said before - It ain't easy being a Queen.........

I have been inspired to write this because of an email I received from a friend...

One of those emails life is short ..Etc..Etc....
We read the information and send to five friends the close the email and switch off (literally).

Some of us sit down and meditate on the next step, some of us go home to cook and get back into the daily grind of the tick tock generation, What happened to thelife is short philosophy we adopted two hours ago? The email dissolves into the past as soon as we enter Primark to buy those shoes, or the latest electrical gadget, as we comfort ourselves with 'life is short'.

My life is a mass of chaotic spirituality mixed with wisdom, tears, grace and creativity. There are times when I feel overwhelmed by sadness, joy and love, sometimes I wish I would be able to be satisfied with a 'normal' lifestyle and job (ignorance is bliss). So I strive to honor my self in some way by living creatively.

I have on numerous occasions walked away from situations in my life that was not working for me - and as the scales require balance I have also stayed too long in many situations that did not meet my heart and soul needs.

As I close said 'email' my conclusion of the positive emails are this - words of comfort during challenging times. Because lt is hard walking the path of the pioneer, and many people do not want to be in that place of aloneness and constant challenge. It is definitely the place of the blue pill vs the red pill once you take either pill you are at that place of no return .


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