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Therapy Spotlight -Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage has been practised in India for a over four thousand years.

Part of the Ayurvedic treatment system, Indian Head Massage was used to promote health when used in conjunction with herbs, spices and aromatic oils.

Indian head massage was believed to not only ‘strengthen the muscles and firm the skin' but stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.

In India children receive massages daily from birth to keep them in good health. From the ages of three to six years old they are massage once or twice a week. After that age they are taught to share massages with family members on a regular basis.

Although originally developed by women as part of their grooming routine to encourage and improve the condition of the hair. Indian head massage, was used by barbers who practised many of the same grooming skills.
However the treatments performed by barbers were more invigorating, to stimulate the scalp and invigorate the client rather than improve the hair.

As barbers travelled to clients houses they offered (champi), head massage s part of the hair cutting service. In time, this became a custom; everyone, including royalty would receive regular head massage from their own barber.

Indian Head Massage only become popular in the western world after a physiotherapy student *Mr Narenda Mehta# decided to develop and combine both the skills of relaxing head massage used by the women in India for and the more invigorating massage used by barbers. In 1981 Mr Mehta introduced Indian Head Massage in Olympia at an Holistic Health exhibition which was a huge success.

From this growing interest in Indian head massage this has now became on of the fastest growing complimentary therapies.

In addition to the treatment oils can be used if required, such as Coconut, Sesame, and Mustard oil to add sheen and lustre to the hair improve dryness, and prevent hair loss.

The treatment last for about half an hour with the client remaining fully dressed, sitting relaxed on an upright chair, making Indian Head Massage an excellent mobile treatment which can be done anywhere.

In addition the therapist can also use incense, candles, and relaxing music to enhance the therapeutic atmosphere

Indian head massage power of touch-Mr N Mehta 1999.

****Benefits of Indian of Head Massage******

Indian Head massage:

Stimulates circulation, and increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue.

Relieves and relaxes muscular tension, headaches, and soothes the nervous system.

Relieves eyestrain, mental, and emotional tension

Stimulates lymphatic drainage helping to remove toxins and boost the immune system.

Improves circulation restores joint mobility, and stretches mobilises the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

Stimulates and improves circulation to the scalp promoting hair growth, and improves the strength of the hair.

Alleviates stress and revitalises the body.

Clears congestion from the head and aids concentration.

Re-balances the energy flow (chakras) to the body

Loosening of the scalp

Improves sleep and insomnia

Contra-indication which prevent or restrict
Indian Head Massage

Conditions which prevent treatment

Indian head massage should be avoided if the clients any of the following:

Head, Neck or Back Injury
Heart Condition
Recent Operations
Skin scalp Infection
Skin Disorder ie severe Psoriasis
Severe bruising /cuts and abrasions
Recent Haemorrhage
Under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Has a high temperature/fever
Is undergoing medical treatment has cancer
Severe high or low blood pressure
Is suffering form aneurosa- (dilation of the blood vessels)

Conditions which restrict treatment

Allergies Check for sensitivity to oils
Arthritis Check mobility
Blood Pressure Check with GP
Cancer Check with GP
Diabetes Check condition is stable
Epilepsy Check with GP
Pregnancy Avoid in first 12 weeks
Phlebitis Check with GP
Painful cysts
Chronic fatigue

Effects of Indian Head Massage

Tiredness and Muscular Aches

This is due to the release of toxins into the system and the reaction of healing energies that require the body to rest in order to assist with the healing process.

Emotional State

A heightened emotional state may be expired due to the cleansing effect of the healing energies.
Clients may feel tearful, sensitive, or light-headed, rest and water is sufficient.

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Therapy Spotlight - NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programme(NLP)
Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is the study and application of thinking, language and behaviour.
NLP studies techniques of how people learn, think and how to perform things with excellence. By studying excellence we can code this behaviour and then teach it to others to produce positive change .
Therefore an NLP practitioner will be able to help you:
Build and improve your personal relationshipsIncrease your self esteemChange negative experiencesIncrease your confidenceAchieve goals and excel in businessIncrease your communication skillsChange unwanted habits/phobiasIncrease your performance at work and find focus in your life
NLP is effective for making changes in :-
Career, Health , Relationships, Family issues , Smoking and Phobias.
Practitioner’s consultancy This service covers coaching, refresher courses, and one to one training for massage/beauty therapists entering and re-entering the industry, marketing. Business, and funding advice for therapist are available. We also have qualified independent business advisors to provide business plans, and start up information.
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Therapy Spotlight - Breathwork

Breathwork is an opportunity to make the journey to your Inner Self with more self-awareness.
Inhale deeply immediately followed by the exhale. On the exhale relax. This is Conscious Connected Breathing, you have a choice as to how you are breathing so you will not be hyperventilating, you are in control. Breath has energy (also known as prana or chi) which is released at the cellular level in the body. The buildup of this energy allows the cells to release memories of issues, events etc which are stored there. Just as toxic waste is released on each exhale from the body. On release of a memory, one views it as though they are watching a film.. You are in an altered state of consciousness, thereby, you are able to know that you are in the present and the past events which you are seeing are not happening in the now. One is, therefore, able to integrate and release from your system what does not support you today.
Healing is allowed to take place in a gentle supportive space. One is able to affirm life enchancing choices, experience extraordinary peace and a feeling of being centred. Healing on all levels are inspired; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Every person's Breath session will be different. You have a whole life of experiences which are all your own. How or what your body chooses to work with will be unique to you, so every Breathe you have can be different from any previous ones.
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Messages in Water

This is must for vibrational medicine junkies...

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