Saturday, October 28, 2006

Therapy Spotlight - NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programme(NLP)
Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is the study and application of thinking, language and behaviour.
NLP studies techniques of how people learn, think and how to perform things with excellence. By studying excellence we can code this behaviour and then teach it to others to produce positive change .
Therefore an NLP practitioner will be able to help you:
Build and improve your personal relationshipsIncrease your self esteemChange negative experiencesIncrease your confidenceAchieve goals and excel in businessIncrease your communication skillsChange unwanted habits/phobiasIncrease your performance at work and find focus in your life
NLP is effective for making changes in :-
Career, Health , Relationships, Family issues , Smoking and Phobias.
Practitioner’s consultancy This service covers coaching, refresher courses, and one to one training for massage/beauty therapists entering and re-entering the industry, marketing. Business, and funding advice for therapist are available. We also have qualified independent business advisors to provide business plans, and start up information.
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