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Rewarding and celebrating ourselves -Winter Solstace

Rewarding and celebrating ourselves -Winter Solstace

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The winter solstace - The Winter Solstice, also known as Midwinter, occurs around December 21 or 22 each year in the Northern hemisphere, and June 20 or 21 in the Southern Hemisphere. It occurs on the shortest day or longest night of the year sometimes said to astronomically mark the beginning or middle of a hemisphere's winter. The word solstice derives from Latin, Winter Solstice meaning Sun set still in winter. Worldwide, interpretation of the event varies from culture to culture, but most hold a recognition of rebirth, involving festivals, gatherings, rituals or other celebrations. Many cultures celebrate or celebrated a holiday near the winter solstice; examples of these include Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years, Pongal, Yalda and many other festivals of light.[1]


Often since the event is observed as the reversal of the Sun's ebbing presence in the sky, concepts of the birth or rebirth of sun gods have been common and, in cultures using winter solstitially based cyclic calendars, the year as reborn has been celebrated with regards to life-death-rebirth deities or new beginnings such as Hogmanay's redding, a New Years cleaning tradition. Also reversal is another usual theme as in Saturnalia's slave and master reversals.
Looking at information regarding the Solstace I came across a site that had detailed information on this and meditation .

This Queen spoke about the work we need to do during this time, which I was already putting into practice, (ahh! the akashic records).


This is the time for us to reflect inwards by looking back through the ups and downs of the past year

During this time we see television programmes that reflect on the highlights of the year. We need to watch our own best of 2007 so that we can integrate and assimilate our experiences to move forward.

I will be reflecting on my year and the great journey I had to yet again undertake.

Still I rise......

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Healing Family Patterns/Relationships

A few weeks ago I was a guest at the EnSOUL HEALth revolution Show. , and during the interview we started to discuss family relationships. Now I have had challenges in the past with my family and my mother so I was able to talk about my journey, especially as I am the youngest member of my family . The challenges came more prevalent when I decided to 'know thyself' and such was our 'separation anxiety' that the relationship started to deteriorate and become volatile.

During my search I started a Celestine Prophecy study group where began learning about energy exchange and families. Through this work I was able to change our dynamic and HEAL our relationship without even speaking and talking to my mother about this. The only statement I made was to tell her this is who I was calmly without conviction. Wow! Now our relationship is blessed and we have a mutual understanding, although not without its own challenges from time to time but now I have a very sweet, caring and knowledgeable mother, and a friend yes my mother is a woman born ahead of her time. I thank the Creator for the restoration of our relationship.

Now lets look at the healing available for those that need to overcome a difficult relationship. As 'the universe is mind' the change must start with yourself, as you are the one who desires change and a more effective way of relating. In Nero Linguistic Programming there are several techniques we use to bring about profound changes. I also give advice to my clients on meditation and art work so that they can change these very volatile and painful family dynamics that are generations old using a safe and comfortable medium. (we do not want anymore pain).

So lets look at the therapies that we can use to heal this;

Neuro linguistic Programming
Family Constellation
Body Alignment Therapy

NLP techniques
There are several techniques I use to bring about change, the client does not have to revist 'painful' events using timeline technique, or the Logical levels which is soo powerful this changed a relationship dynamic instantly. Below is a very dynamic exercise called Gentling which will change intergenerational dynamics.

"Gentling" as a Path to Personal Growth
The following process was developed by Robert Dilts in 1991 as a means to apply the process of "gentling" to facilitate personal growth. The process is designed to promote a positive "grandmother" or "grandparent" effect by using Time Lines and different Perceptual Positions.
One key issue to be dealt with in attempting to adapt the gentling process to humans is, "What has the same relationship to humans that humans have to other species?" There is obviously no real analogy in terms of an actual creature or being. Besides something like the Earth itself, this relationship would be represented by something like a "guardian angel" or some type of spiritual being. The basic steps of the process involve setting up overlapping time lines representing the lifetimes of yourself, a parent and a grandparent. (It is not necessary that the parent and grandparent be actual individuals that you have known and interacted with in your life. They may be imaginary or archetype figures.) Once the time lines are established, the exercise involves going back in your imagination to the birth of your grandparent, as if you were a guardian angel or spiritual guide, and offering some type of gift to that person in the form of a blessing, a metaphor or vision. The offering of the gift is accompanied by gentle touching (in imagination).

After offering the gift you collect and give objective insights from grandparent to parent, from parent to you, (or caregiver). I cannot stress the positive effects of NLP in working through family isssues.

Family Constellation

Family Constellations is a highly effective way of healing on a deeply felt energetic level, with long-term and often life changing results.In working with several thousand family systems, renowned German psychotherapist, philosopher and author Bert Hellinger discovered age-old, hidden "Orders of Love" that operate in the depths of family organisms. Violation and disrespect of these natural laws due to tragic circumstances and unconscious behavior in the generations that came before affect the lives of later members of the family. Workshop participants are frequently amazed and deeply touched when the hidden love connections and entanglements within their systems are revealed. For instance, could we ever imagine that unhappiness or health problems could be connected to a stillborn child of our grandmother? Or that difficulties with a current partner could be related to an abortion 15 years ago, or even to the former partner of one's mother? That the severe illness of a child might be caused by an adoption?
Hidden entanglements of this kind are found behind most personal and even professional issues. Restoring balance and harmony to the family system is equally important for addressing physical illness - from lower back pain to cancer - as it is for emotional and mental suffering.
The family constellation is the main technique for revealing the hidden dynamics in a family so they can be worked with and healed. Release begins with the participant stating his/her issue or problem and some factual information about his/her family (i.e. sudden or early deaths, severe illness, miscarriage, divorce, etc.). Then she/he chooses from the other workshop participants a representative for certain family members- alive or dead - and places them in relationship to each other according to his/her inner picture of the system. This creates an energy field in which all involved participants begin to receive information (physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, etc.), related to the family member whom they are representing. Every change in position within the constellation affects the information received. As a result, previously sub-conscious, often tragic family ties are made perceptible and the dynamic that caused the participant's issue can be discovered.

With the information provided by the representatives, and using steps such as appreciation or detachment rituals, the constellation can now be restructured according to the "Orders of Love" into a balanced family system where love, flowing consciously and unimpeded, heals, and guilt, once acknowledged, can turn into energy.
For more in-depth information please read what Bert Hellinger himself has to say about his work in this interview by Chilean Umberto del Pozo.

Body Alignment

Body Alignment and Vortex Alignment are systems designed to heal and align our physical and subtle bodies. Vortex Alignment is also used to protect us from electromagnetic, geopathic as well as microwave radiation and has many more exciting applications.
Working through vibrational energy points associated with the organs, glands and systems of our physical as well as subtle anatomy, the source of imbalance is identified and released. This system identifies the energy pathway and the story behind the imbalance.
Body Alignment and Vortex Alignment help you to reconnect with your essence, and assist you to rediscover who you really are and to unblock your true potential.
This process restores the free flow of energy, leaving you feeling empowered and whole.
Body Alignment Technique has been known to:
BALANCE: the physical structure, organs, glands, body systems, meridians and chakras
RELEASE: suppresses emotions, toxicity and stress
INCREASE: vitality, self confidence and self empowerment
IMPROVE: digestion, assimilation and immune response
RELIEVE: pain and fatigue rapidly and effectively
ALIGN: the physical mental emotional and spiritual bodies.
Who is behind it? etc,etc

You can also use talking therapies such as Counselling, Psychotherapy, etc

For more information please contact me for a free 15min consultation regarding healing family patterns if you are interested in any of the above therapies and I will refer you onto the

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Caroline Myss Lecture Why People Don't Heal Excerpt

Working through Fear

Working through Fear

False Evidence Appearing Real What is needed to break through this...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Create -Abundance with Healing for Harmony essences

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To support your abundance journey I am offering abundance spray from Healing for Harmony ltd. These beautiful essences work on the vibration level bringing abundance and prosperity this is excellent to use with any EFT work or Coaching to bring about maximum benefits. The cost of the spray is £8.00 for 30mls and £4.50 for the 10ml essence bottle plus postage. After taking these essences my abundance has increased tenfold. For more information regarding these essences please contact me on: or

Now Enjoy the videos

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EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Addressing Money Issues Demo

Law of Attraction EFT Create Abundance

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My Dominica Visit 2006 Carib (Kalinago) Territory

My Dominica Pictures.

L'Escalier Tete Chien
L'Escalier TĂȘte Chien is a stairway-like lava outcrop which represents a snake.

This is a sacred place for Carib indians , when one walks close to the edge of this the alantic ocean becomes more 'angry'(as one resident told me) and very active. This is an important location for Kalinago Indians with thier legend stating that the Master Snake came out of the ocean onto land.
The legend also says that 'when Caribs disappear, the Master Snake has vowed to return to the underbelly of ocean. And the world will end'*.


Kalinago Barana Aute - Kalinago village.

Carib Village Hall (Covered in Vetivert leaves ) Properties of Vetivert oil in Aromatherapy(Grounding -protection-Spiritual awakening). This is where meetings and festivals take place with the village Chief.


A giant Cassava (farin) bowl .

A view from Kalinago Village overlooking to the Alantic ocean. (not bad for a throw away camera)

'At Home' - My morning view before yoga. (this was taken with my phone camera)

more pictures coming soon-

For more information on the Carib Indians, you can visit :-

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~On Dominica~ (please ignore the part of Christopher Colombus rediscovered )

About Dominica
A Country Like No Other in the World!

by: Thomson Fontaine

Dominica has been described as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. For the distracted observer, this impression is immediately confirmed from the first citing of the Island. Nestled between the French Islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe, this “Nature Isle ” is steeped in unparalleled natural beauty, a rich Creole culture, and the friendliest people in the World.

Rediscovered(?)* on November 3, 1493 by Christopher Columbus, Dominica was the last of the Caribbean countries to be colonized due in large part to the resistance of the Carib (Kalinago) Indians. Today, Dominica is the only country where the Caribs remain, and they continue to contribute significantly to Dominica’s rich cultural heritage.

France and England fought constantly over Dominica, with the Island changing hands several times during the entire second half of the eighteenth century, leading the Caribs to call the island “Waitukubuli” “land of many battles”.

Because of its mountainous terrain, Dominica remained in the hands of the Caribs longer than any of the other Leeward and Windward islands; although Britain and France had agreed to this arrangement in 1748, France broke the treaty and claimed Dominica.

In 1763 Britain won Dominica, but the French recaptured it in 1778 and again by the British in 1783. Finally, in 1805 France sold Dominica to England for 12,000 British pounds and handed it over after first burning down the capital Roseau.

From its towering 5000 feet peaks to its gushing waterfalls, hundreds of flowing rivers, azure waters of the sea, and black and white sandy beaches, Dominica offers a unique and diverse experience to all who visits its shores.

The 790 km2 Island boasts a population of 71, 000 people, stable government, and an extremely low crime rate. It is also home to the oldest living person in the World, and the most centurinarians per thousand of the population.

With a life expectancy of 82 years for females and 78 for males, and ranked by the United Nations as one of the top 35 countries in the world in terms of quality of health care, the country stands as a veritable monument of calm and tranquility.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003
World's Oldest Person Turns 128
by Thomson Fontaine

Dominicans yesterday celebrated the birthday of the World’s oldest living person Elizabeth (Ma Pampo) Israel who turned 128 even as government vowed to increase pressure on Guinness World record officials to officially confer the title on the Dominican.

Unfortunately, the Guinness World record has not officially recognized Ma Pampo since they are still in the process of verifying the claim. A Baptismal certificate has been issued by the Roman Catholic Church with her birth date stated as January 27, 1875, but since it is not an official record, it cannot be used to authenticate the claim.

The claim was further thrown into doubt when it was learned that at some point in her life she was called Minetta George. Guinness officials have said that it is important to clarify these various issues before the title can be conferred. Given the state of record keeping during that time in Dominica, it may be difficult to collect collaborative evidence to substantiate the claim.

At the age of 128, Elizabeth (Ma Pampo) Israel is considered the World’s oldest living person. Born in Portsmouth, Dominica, and the daughter of a slave, she started working on a plantation at the age of 25 and retired 79 years later. Ma Pampoo ascribes her longevity to her diet--including lots of dumplings and bush tea. She has survived her husband and two children.

There are at least seventeen centenarians in Dominica (with four residing in close proximity to Ma Pampo), from a population of 70,000 making it the country with the highest concentration of centenarians per 1000 of the population.

Dominica’s pristine, largely untouched and unspoilt environment, which lies largely unpolluted, has been cited as the main reason for longevity on the Island.


*mj's thoughts

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I was thinking about this when I came across a sister's blog (great minds think alike artist4eva). So many people try to define an artist, creativity, art forms etc, by placing rules and assumptions about the artist/artform/medium/project/ideas. etc
Is this societys way of keep us boxed in the land of category and rules according to their values?
I hate the word 'should' (unless youre taking about a nice pair of shoes, chocolate and food).
I also feel uncomfortable with specific individuals and organizations that dismiss creative work if it doesn't fit into the; Hoxton, Greenwich, Edgy, Urban, Eclectic and Cutting Edge style categories. Don't get me wrong I love new interesting concepts, and ideas, but I feel that too much emphasis on the defining creativity keeps many more potential 'creatives' away from practising any art form, or taking their natural talents further, very sad.
Many moons ago when I was studying Art and Design, my ageing balding tutor (who was also an ageing balding frustrated fine artist) absolutely tore us to pieces during critics (maybe we were that bad). Anyway Baldy had peeps running for the hills never to be seen again, due to the barrage of abuse he gave us at the end of each lesson, disguised at Constructive Criticism.
The hill runners may never have been great artists, but they could have used their creativity in some other way to manage the stressed/out tired/ bored/ Reality Overdose existence we call life.
ps. I found this from via and I think this is quite interesting. Please let me know what you think. ..
Rant over now where is that chocolate..........
Creativity questionnaire
Creativity isn't reserved for artists and inventors -- it's a capacity we all share.
For some, it's a desire for self-expression; for others, a drive to explore possibilities.
Genius isn't essential, just curiosity and an open mind. The fruit of creativity is
self-discovery. Find a quiet spot and consider these questions:
1 There are many kinds of artists. Are you an artist of life -- an inspired cook,
a master of diplomacy, a stylish dresser? Write down all the ways you bring beauty,harmony, or flair to your surroundings.
2 What art form would you try if you didn't care about results or your performance?
Think back to childhood: Did you enjoy ballet class or banging on a drum?
How could you reconnect with that sense of fun?
3 Creative people are problem solvers. If you could clear up any issue in the world --
or your world -- what would it be? What would be your first step?
4 Is your talent appreciating the creative efforts of others? What do you most enjoy
looking at or listening to? Would you enjoy it even more if you tried to experience
the artistic process firsthand?
5 Envy is a message from your creative core. Whose talent would you like to have?
How could you develop your own ability in that area?
<< from O, The Oprah Magazine, November, 2001


I never travel anywhere without bringing my mobile alter.
My travel alter consists of a medal from Lourdes my mother gave me , my crystals ; Rose Quartz crystal, Black Tourmaline, Turquoise and whatever I pick up on the way out . I also have a small medicine bag full of special objects.
I always have to bring Nag Champa, my friends and family have became devotees of this sexy incense, and now ask if I am bringing this. Alters always sets the scene in any cold hotel room, I even prefer to unpack my objects rather than my clothes. I also bring a journal or a small note book, when I feel the need to vent my spleen or write deep and meaningful insights. I also seem to have an epiphany when I am away, which is quickly lost during a hard nights raving.
Anyway smug unspiritual /ironic friend asks me tartly 'it is a bit much to carry all this stuff with you all the time, what if you lose all that stuff? Well... my answer is that Alters are a representation of the creator, the universe and my dame fine self LOL. (This was lost on her even the last bit!).
As long as I have access to objects which represent either the elements such as a stone, shell, feather water element etc (the list is endless) or objects which I just like to look at,... I am able to create an alter...and feel at home from my own home...
In the past I have recommended that clients create alters which represent them, rather than how the alter should look like; for example my friend has small objects by the kitchen sink, this is an alter representing her fun /inner child side and the only time she has to come to this place, and feel good during the washing up (unfortunately) but this times till makes her feel very calm being amongst her small objects.
I suppose my love of alters date back to Madame Pompidou (Ma) she always had an alter of saints within the home, (funny not one of them resembled us). Anyway Ma still kneels down to pray to these saints on her alter, at the beginning and the end of the day, Heaven help us if we disturbed her during her prayer time! (talk about good boundaries and fear).
My mother is not alone though ,After reading the book Beautiful Necessity the art and meaning of women's alters - by Kay Turner I saw so many versions of my mothers alter from South American to Senegal. So I suppose I am carrying on my with my mothers tradition.
The only difference is that my alter has images s of people that look like and represent me *smiles*

p.s Some alter sites...


Category: Web, HTML, Tech
Listed below are my must have favourite websites to support my lifestyle and values.
~ List your own to share the love~ I am still reading through this one. One of my rites of passage mentors. National online newspaper my mother country. an Art magazine to help clear and activate the Sacral and Throat chakra. -my alter book hobbie - (watch this space). - My niece's personal shopping service. - The all important and comprehensive holistic loc resource village. Good info on fibroid care.



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