Saturday, March 17, 2007


I was thinking about this when I came across a sister's blog (great minds think alike artist4eva). So many people try to define an artist, creativity, art forms etc, by placing rules and assumptions about the artist/artform/medium/project/ideas. etc
Is this societys way of keep us boxed in the land of category and rules according to their values?
I hate the word 'should' (unless youre taking about a nice pair of shoes, chocolate and food).
I also feel uncomfortable with specific individuals and organizations that dismiss creative work if it doesn't fit into the; Hoxton, Greenwich, Edgy, Urban, Eclectic and Cutting Edge style categories. Don't get me wrong I love new interesting concepts, and ideas, but I feel that too much emphasis on the defining creativity keeps many more potential 'creatives' away from practising any art form, or taking their natural talents further, very sad.
Many moons ago when I was studying Art and Design, my ageing balding tutor (who was also an ageing balding frustrated fine artist) absolutely tore us to pieces during critics (maybe we were that bad). Anyway Baldy had peeps running for the hills never to be seen again, due to the barrage of abuse he gave us at the end of each lesson, disguised at Constructive Criticism.
The hill runners may never have been great artists, but they could have used their creativity in some other way to manage the stressed/out tired/ bored/ Reality Overdose existence we call life.
ps. I found this from via and I think this is quite interesting. Please let me know what you think. ..
Rant over now where is that chocolate..........
Creativity questionnaire
Creativity isn't reserved for artists and inventors -- it's a capacity we all share.
For some, it's a desire for self-expression; for others, a drive to explore possibilities.
Genius isn't essential, just curiosity and an open mind. The fruit of creativity is
self-discovery. Find a quiet spot and consider these questions:
1 There are many kinds of artists. Are you an artist of life -- an inspired cook,
a master of diplomacy, a stylish dresser? Write down all the ways you bring beauty,harmony, or flair to your surroundings.
2 What art form would you try if you didn't care about results or your performance?
Think back to childhood: Did you enjoy ballet class or banging on a drum?
How could you reconnect with that sense of fun?
3 Creative people are problem solvers. If you could clear up any issue in the world --
or your world -- what would it be? What would be your first step?
4 Is your talent appreciating the creative efforts of others? What do you most enjoy
looking at or listening to? Would you enjoy it even more if you tried to experience
the artistic process firsthand?
5 Envy is a message from your creative core. Whose talent would you like to have?
How could you develop your own ability in that area?
<< from O, The Oprah Magazine, November, 2001


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Urth Eagle said...

my creativity i think has always come from within and as time has gone on its reflections of what surrounds me- whether positive or negative and i always try to use it as positivity in my life...whether in poetry or a child i loved to sing and read, but as i got older- the reminders of how far fetched being a singer is for a poor black girl from louisiana began to sank in, i began to sing less and write more, because writing was a way to express my dreams and inner desires without the criticism of others....i would tend to then only share what i thought would be accepted vs now not caring who accepts it ,yet hoping i can grow from each letter and each stroke that i make in my creativity and that someone else may grow as well or break a cycle of suppression (whether it be the same as mine or if their spirits are opened to something just for them in my creativity- i love to help others whether in art or with a word) only regrets are the span of time that i allowed to be taken away for worrying about what others would think or may say....thank you so for sharing this and bringing these thoughts back to my remembrance Sis!

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