Sunday, May 04, 2008

Coming Home to the Divine Spirit of the feminine

Coming Home to the Divine Spirit of the feminine
A Collage of words, thoughts and experiences

Spirit never lies when it speaks to you ....

tHiS holiday week
I was in the wilderness at a
Goddess Workshop......
I witnessed the true natural cycle of death and rebirth over and over again.....I also witnessed the journey of others' lives and experiences. I was able to let go of my own ’creature’ comforts and I was able to live simply and understand how we have so many comfortable ’props’ that stop us really feeling this blessed earth.

When I came back to the city after four days in the bush ...I received a message that a student had died.... Life /Death rebirth cycle continued .... Spring brings the ending of things.....

The rebirth started with My Sisters birthday celebration and I saw four generations all getting down together... I felt blessed even though the tribe gets to much sometimes it was really nice to see the young guys dancing together keeping the family strong....Good bless my Paternal grandmother and my mother who passed family values to her seven children. So her six boys and one daughter made many children (mostly girls = my generation) these values was instilled in us who passed this onto the next generation (mostly boys funny ) now the ’manz dem’ (their words not mine) keep it together and love their family get togethers.

what a blessing...thank you creator for enabling my grandmothers wish to be constant in our blood...such is the power of the matriarch the blood of the family.

and so it is....

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