Friday, July 25, 2008

On Surrender

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

by Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)

written some time last week ....

My cousin's house caught fire two days ago ... before that we were talking about life change etc...
My cousin had just qualified as a counselor (personal centered model with a dash of existentialism) and it was a new beginning and everything was in order...... then the fire started.

As a conscious student of life and metaphysics I realized that fire is cleansing and also burns away the old. Fire is the element for creativity and energy in the Tarot (wands) and according to Denise Linn's book 'Signposts' fire is seen by the the alchemists as an 'agent of transmutation' and as a 'symbolic purification'.

This post is not really about fire however its about surrender, hence the prayer...
When I surrender to the universe all things happen perfectly for me ....
When I try to control my life... it doesn't really turn out how i wish ..thus my relationships have not been very productive at times as this the area I like to control and hold onto.

Surrender is a courageous act and as we try to believe that our constant input and focus will change the course of our lives. However the food to feed our dreams hopes and desires really need the icing which is the last part and that is surrender.

So what are the tools for surrender that we need to keep going

We need to be kind to ourselves first and foremost and have self trust
We need to be able to be clear about want we want for example; is this really in line with my life
Realize that the event/experience etc has happened I cannot change this however, what am I in control of now? (the now is a very self reflective tool) and what I need right now to support myself .

Then we need to be able to turn the above over to the Creator/Goddess/Allah/Buddha/Spirit/Universe....what ever you believe in I don't just mean a religion I mean FAITH in something. That's why the 12 step pro grammes are so successful because the members turn the problem over to a higher power ... even if the serenity prayer does have a religious history.

The Divine could mean any representation that you connect with. I am not here to discuss religious belief systems I am here to look at the connection with realizing that somethings are out of our hands and through surrender and faith we can overcome as the song says...

I like the goddess pack because my favourite card is Yemeja and that is the surrender card.

recommended reading or tools....

goddess oracle, or re-read the above prayer.

A week and a day later.....

I had an incident happen to me that scared the 'hell of my existence', this shook my equilibrium. I was really put to the test, and reading this post it is somewhat calming. As I jerk and move to every little sound in my house I decided to check Denise Linn's Book again, well the metaphysical reasoning was about losing energy ... and the practical side is that I had to safe guard my premises lol.

The whole test has been tough and one has to accept that things happen in life, and I realise how quick we can lose focus with shock et al so now I am actively working on embodying and re-reading the above prayer. In all of this chaos I do have the tools to support myself and in turn I am supported. Its a reaffirmation and a reflection of my worth and self, and I wish for more courage to change to things that I can and support myself in the process.

It's about trust and faith ....

And so it is.........

So recommended potions in time of stress
Bach Rescue Remedy - I administered to my cousin after the fire
and to myself after the break in.
Aconite administered by my Homeopath Friend
Reiki self healing administered by myself to rebalanced my aura

a work in progress...


Laura Hegfield said...

This is an incredible as metaphor. Thank you so much for sharing this remarkable story of being on the path to renewal...the phoenix is constantly burning and arising when we stop to notice!

Gentle steps,

creativehealinggoddess said...

Thank you so much for your comment Laura only when we are in our true vulnerable nature we are powerful.

Lenea said...

Bless You and thanks for sharing this...honesty is so inspiring and the strength we gain from learning each other's experiences and perspectives is invaluable and often under=rated!

Deep Appreciation Sis.

creativehealinggoddess said...

Thank you Lenea,
for your imput...its got to share.


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