Monday, September 29, 2008

Plug Plug and the Full Libra Moon

Its a full moon today so all things feminine I shall be doing a ritual for new balanced things to come into my life being as the full moon is in Libra...... In the meantime here is a plug of my workshop that I will be running in October in London....

Return of the Divine Queen Workshop for women.

mjfontaine presents

Return of the Divine Queen Workshop

A woman's journey to finding the light within.

artwork by mfontaine

Venue: Hackney Forge 243a Victoria Park Road
(entrance in Banbury Road) Bow E9 7HD
Date: 25th October 2008
Time: 1-6pm

Workshop outline

In this course we will;
Look at what you desire in your life
Remove blocks that stop you moving forward in a supportive, and caring environment
Set goals for the future .

We will use visual imagery, coaching tools, collage and art mediums to create our desired outcome.

By the end of the workshop you will;

Find direction in your life

Have awareness of your body, and embrace your feminine energy.

Understand the importance of honoring all aspects of your feminine nature.

Be prepared to come as a women, and leave as the divine goddess that you are.

Cost £55 or £45 early bird price. Concessions are available *(proof required)

To book please email

Pay with Paypal

for more information call 07956 559 894 for more information

Comments of the last workshop:The workshop was a magical experience for me in so many ways! The combination of meditation and readings and Art! It gave me a giant step forward on my spiritual journey that I was strolling on. I felt it enabled me to look at myself and to feel and explore all my emotions and feelings about who I am as a woman, mother, daughter, sister .

S G South London.

Enlightening and essential for your personal and spiritual development. It's a wonderful opportunity to gain a greater understanding of who you are. Thoroughly recommended”

S.Vanandy, Account Manager

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jaqueline's Allotment

As an avid buyer of organic produce I was very pleased to see this box land in my class room ( I teach adults once a week for my sins). anyway back to my second favorite subject 'food'. Jacqueline who is now a qualified Non medical Nutritionist also has a very good allotment, and she regularly drops with a bag of goodies fresh from Mother Earth.

If I had to buy of these vegetables it would set me about £10 or more, suffice to say the vegetables are and were delicious.....look at the giant carrot.

The basket had; Beetroot, Carrots, Beans, Curly kale, Broccoli and Tomatoes all organic yum.

Beetroot is so good especially for this time of year especially for women who have heavy menstruation. I would advise that it is eaten raw for extra benefit.

Contents of beetroot.

*Sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, iron, copper, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C.
  • Beetroot provides a good source of anthocyanadins, a natural antioxidant that contributes to its deep red colour
  • Extract is a natural source of vitamins and minerals
  • Beetroot is used traditionally as a blood building food
  • Beetroot may aid the natural process of elimination and support detoxification processes
  • Beetroot has liver, spleen, gall bladder and kidney cleansing properties
  • Beetroot is particularly rich in Vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and iron

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, this neutralizes free radicals before they can cause damage to the body .

For more info on seasonal food check out, my friend's site: Fight disease through Holistic Health

Wednesday, September 17, 2008



What is a meme?

A photo mosaic meme, simply put, is an illustration of your personality. This illustration is depicted by a set of pictures put together in a picture collage sort of a thing. The means to gauge your personality is a set of questions related to your name, things you like, your traits etc. source -

IMy Meme
My creation
1. Marilyn Rose Journal Quilt: Fireworks, 2. sushi galore, 3. old-skool, 4. Aqua/Turqoise, 5. banana phone: another glitch in the Matrix, 6. water droplets in the shower - o.k. bokeh, 7. Lifeguard off duty, 8. chocolate SURPRISE cupcake, 9. Joy of life, 10. LOVE, 11. Step by step… steadily ♫♫, 12. WeMake goodness13. Not available14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available17. Not available18. Not available19. Not available20. Not available21. Not available22. Not available23. Not available24. Not available

I got this from Sacred Suzies Blog

Meme Instructions

1. Type your answer to each question below, into Flickr Search

2. Using only the first page of results, pick one image.

3. Copy & paste each of the URLs for the images into Big Huge Lab’s Mosaic Maker to create a mosaic of the picture answers.


1. What is your real christian/first name?

2. What is your favourite food - right now?

3. What school did you go to?

4. What is your favourite colour?

5. Who is your latest celebrity crush?

6. What is your favourite drink?

7. What is your dream vacation destination?

8. What is your favourite dessert?

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?

10. What do you love most in life?

11. What is one word that describes you now?

12. What is your Flickr/Blog name?

I got this from Sacred Suzie Blogis from

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oils for sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder

I have been away in Sunny New York so I have a) neglected this blog and b) was able to hold off the demon of SAD for a minute...... so I decided to repost this from an old blog, but i am not entirely cheating as I have added a few more bits.

I have been treating clients regularly with citrus oils for Season Affective Disorder for four years and I have found that the following oils very effective with dealing with this condition. Listed below are the oils and applications and cautions of using essential oils for health.

Grapefruit Oil

This is not photosensitiser like the other citrus oils.

It is excellent and is an antidepressant, and uplifts the spirits instantly.

Melissa oi

I have found that benefits of this oil for SAD or low spirits and shock are profound.

True Melissa is very expensive and can cause severe irritation to the skin, therefore it is recommended that a very low dosage is applied such as 1% and this must be diluted in oil before being

applied to a bath. There are much more affordable Melissa blends which are more commonly found than the true Melissa oil.

Lime oil

Uplifting and refreshing this oil instantly lift the spirits, a favourite with my clients who have a history of depression.


The oils are best used in a bath if you cannot get to a massage therapist, if you prefer to self massage then a blend of 8-10 drops to a 60ml blend or up to 7 drops in a bath.

You can mix lime, and grapefruit together as a blend of 4:3 drops in a bath or 5:5 drops to 60mls in a massage blend. As stated before blend Melissa with a carrior oil such as almond or grapeseed oil before applying to a bath.


*Never use essential oils undiluted on the skin.

*Some oils should be avoided during pregnancy, or if your have a medical condition such as asthma, epilepsy, or high/blood pressure.

*Do not overuse essential oils less is more.

*Not all essential oils are suitable for use in aromatherapy

*Never let children use essential oils -unless supervised.

* Essential oils should not be taken internally, (although this is practised with therapeutic-grade oils by some aromatherapists).

*Essential oils are flammable

* True essential oils should have latin names stated, otherwise you are using a cosmetic grade oil with no properties.

All citrus oils are *Photosensiters so exposure to sunlight should be limited for 24 hours where it has been applied to the skin.

If your condition is severe consult an aromatherapist for a details consultation and treatment.

Marilyn in my holistic practitioner role.

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