Saturday, December 13, 2008

Craft Fair in London and Multitasking.

Craft Fair at Stoke Newington International airport....
it wasn't an airport but a warehouse in North London...

I was selling my Crochet/Bath stuff with my friend who was selling jewelery, and it was an interesting day.

I met a Yukalalee seller who worked as an Marketing Officer for a theater company , and a Milliner (who is also a taxidermist ) who made lovely Burlesque Facinator type hats. I was also in for a treat as she also grew up on a farm so I was able to get some tips on growing my own vegetables. What a resourceful girl.

Jewelery by my best friend Dee.

my stuff

I also sold this very funky looking necktie that I loved

The space has a lot of reclaimed furniture and is also used a performance/concert space too.
There are old chesterfield sofa's with different hybrid vintage/reconstructed pieces of furniture , such as a Scissor Chandelier.

My camera does not do the space justice it just looks blurry.

Any way It was an interesting day , we talked about' dual careers ' something I pointed out in a piece I wrote about for an online magazine on my other website the topic was about multi careers, and how we don't have just one career for life .

It is not uncommon that creative people have different careers.

We are either so open and creative that we need to do more than one thing or we need to pay bills so a part time job is needed to pay the rent. Both are very common with my artist/creative friends.

However there are ways to work efficiently you can combine your life work and purpose into a more marketable career.

That provides a link into both jobs, such as teaching jewelery or teaching art rather than just doing any job at least your still working within your remit. I teach holistic therapies and personal development but I love to create so I put a creative module in my workshops/classes, such as collage, mask making , self portraits etc.

There are more bizarre combinations than Coach/Healer/Crafter /Writer , and Designer, Office Director, Hat maker and Milliner. Do you know more uncommon combinations of creative multitasking?


Genie Sea said...

What a beautiful space filled with so many treasures.

Creativity has always been a huge part of my life. Drawing, poetry, jewelry. For the longest times I would wish I had a more creative job. Then I realized my job is creative. I make my lessons as creative as possible for myself and for my students.

I still wish I were surrounded with creative people in my work environment, until I realized everyone is creative, so I serve as a catalyst to help unlock their creativity. :)

Dia said...

Love this post - I am also 'variously' creative, & enjoy each thing I do in its own time! Currently making little goodies for Christmas inc. 'car blessing stars' to hang in my kids' & their hub/wife's cars :) The neckwrap is fun!! Happy yule

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