Monday, December 15, 2008

Creativity Watch and Syncronistic events part II

I you followed my blog back in July you would know that I was capturing some graffiti around London. There was one artist that I found by chance and I spoke about in this post but I didn't know his name . I found out from a free newspaper the artists name Christian Guemy..or C215 from Paris . The piece I saw is called Sudanese Refugee, which is on his Flicker page. I love this guy's work and will be visiting his pages more often.

Here is an interview with him with

Tomorrow the Tree of happiness...


Genie Sea said...

Oh! Thank you for the link. I have always loved graffiti. It's a magical and raw art that I admire. I have always despaired in how outlawed it is, but I guess that this contributes to its power. :)

Caroline said...

That was really cool...what a talent! I love when people can just create from their heart w/o wanting fame or fortune. Thanks for sharing this today!

Genie Sea said...

Happy holidays to you and yours Marilyn! :)

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