Thursday, December 11, 2008

**Give Away **Creative Comfort Ritual Consultation.

A ritual a symbolic action, normally associated with a religion or culture

Do you want to do a simple ceremony for the ending or the beginning of a new cycle in your life.

  • Do you want to give thanks for your new home, child, job etc.
  • Do you want to create an activity to honor your inner child, creative muse, passionate goddess.
  • Do you want to simply want to invite grace, comfort and gratitude into your life.
  • Do you wish to design a set of activities for your women's circle, or honor the solstice.

I am now offering Creative Comfort ritual consultations.

This is not a divination service or affiliated to any religious denomination it is simple everyday ritual advice for everyday living.

Intuitive guidance is given as an assistance tool for you to design your own special occasion, daily practice, or creative comfort day.

This does not include traditional ritualistic services such as Marriage, Birth, etc.

Information and will be given on the traditional type of ritual that you may require

You will also be referred to an interfaith minister, priestess if needed.

For this giveaway all consultations will be by email.

If you require more information on this services and prices check my mjfontaine page.

So to enter this giveaway please add a comment on this blog stating why you would like this ritual consultation by friday 19th December 2008 time by midnight EST. I will contact the winner for their email upon my decision.

In the New Year I will be giving away a free Distant Healing once a month so keep checking back.



Genie Sea said...

Oh how delightfully generous of you Marilyn :) You're awesome :)

Nolwenn said...

It's too late for me to be in...
It's nice to you to offer it to someone :)

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