Monday, January 26, 2009


There will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse between 25-26 January and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on February 9th so the two weeks in between will be very powerful, where we focus our attention will there be intensified energy, for more information check out this website
I keep having funny visions of moons, and I feel very introspective at the moment which must be the intensified energies.

I have also been working behind the scenes and hope to unveil some more creations for all to see by 1st February.

I am still contemplating my navel re: Dominica..... for those of you who have been following my 12 Secrets blog thank you for your advice. Clarity is coming , but I need to meditate more, and also look after myself to nurture me. I need time to listen to my heart as I keep running away being too busy which isn't hard sigh...

Competition Winner
Ritual Consultation

I just completed the ritual consultation for the winner who is the Artist known as M A (not me im MF ), it was a pleasure to do this and I look forward to creating more rituals for Gods and Goddess alike in the future, if you would like me to create a ritual for you please check out my other website .

Yours Marilyn introspectively.


Genie Sea said...

Best of luck in your contemplations, and may the new moon shine clarity on you :)

Trula said...

I am in need of this new moon. I feel the power

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