Friday, February 20, 2009

On my Creative Guides

This is a post from my online book group 12 Secrets of Highly creative Women.

However that blog is private due to personal content, but I have included this week entry, because it talks about my Creative Guides.

enjoy!!! ps my voice is very very deep today due to a nasty chest infection.

Gabcast! CreativeHealing Goddess #2

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blog Festival-Ea Getting to the HeART of It

Mother Henna's Blog Festival Getting to the Heart of it.
Post an entry on your own blog before Valentines Day 2009. Share your love of art or love of life or host a heART themed party or tell us about the heART of yourself. Tell us what is at the heART of you! Words, art, video, anything you wish. Write a poem, share a short story, all formats welcome.
Click on the HeArt Link below to be part of this .


An Eclectic Virtual Exhibition of my Celebration of my HeART..

Art comes in different shapes, sizes, and colours


Moods and Mediums,
my Ezine, The Art of ....being yourself

click on image for etsy..
Creativity and Expression is how I breathe, and I believe that Art does not have to be traditional.
Creativity is a living entity and I would rather look an energetic creative work that a traditional piece by the Masters with no energy .

My Art teacher used to send many a student home in tears because their 'HeART' didn't fit the type of 'Fine ARt that he wanted.

I couldn't paint a landscape for years, but I did not want one frustrated artist to stop my expression.
La Papillion - for my brother

Love and HeART.

I also didn't realise 'Soul Love' could be creative and nurturing I hope to visit it soon again.

Love and Creativity are one and the same.....

Monday, February 09, 2009

Snow Moon Dream Board

This is a double meaning dream board for the Snow Moon

I wish for love and service to the Goddess
I wish to move forward and
let go of the winter months and move towards spring....

I performed a ritual during Imbolc and tonight I will finish my ritual bless the seeds of my dreams and move forward with courage.


For more dreamboards and to participate go to Jamie's page

Monday, February 02, 2009

Englands So Called Snow Day Standstill

I looked out of my window last night and saw this....note the car is just covered.

The morning London came to a standstill.
all Buses stopped and everybody is warned only go out if you must,
cars were skidding everywhere....

Freddie's claws? no icicles from my window sill.

Its a snow day in... but I hate having to stay in when the rest of the worlds has too has well. I feel somebody has found my secret .

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