Monday, February 02, 2009

Englands So Called Snow Day Standstill

I looked out of my window last night and saw this....note the car is just covered.

The morning London came to a standstill.
all Buses stopped and everybody is warned only go out if you must,
cars were skidding everywhere....

Freddie's claws? no icicles from my window sill.

Its a snow day in... but I hate having to stay in when the rest of the worlds has too has well. I feel somebody has found my secret .


Genie Sea said...

Snow snow everywhere! Even in England... We just found out we have 6 more weeks of winter... and snow, and ice, and yuk! :)

miss*R said...

no snow here ... hot, hot, hot... it is 10pm now and still around 30degC (90F)...I think the snow looks like a magick wonderland but I guess it isn't when it is there all the time :)

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