Sunday, March 08, 2009

Happy International Women's Day/Month

Happy International Womens Day/Month (although this should be done every day).

Regardless of your current financial situation its time to celebrate and pamper yourself , so grab a few friends and have a girls night or a sacred circle using the following themes,

A Sister Circle
A Pamper party
A trip to the Sauna
A Facial
A Massage
A fun trip to the roller skating rink
Sharing a meal for sister friends (each person can bring a dish).
Setting goals and getting each member of the circle to witness them. Its a good time for prosperity as its the new financial year in April.

Tools : Candles, Journals, lovely clothes (doesn't have to be expensive now!) affirmations, kindness to self, music, good food .

For beauty treatments Local colleges are currently assessing their students so for credit busting treat, book a facial or a massage for under £20.

If you have a group that needs a pamper party designed you could book a Creative Comfort Ritual click here .

Whatever you do enjoy this Month that celebrates the goddess in you.

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