Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A book * A Wishing wall* And Wishcasting Wednesday

Good news !!!

I have been busy finishing up my Creative Healing workbook hence the absence anyway this book is the companion to 9 Steps to Creative Healing my first little book. Yesterday Lulu sent me an email notifying me that the little book has been selected for Amazon's Market Place so I am very happy.

Wishing Wall...

my friend Jen and I went to the Mind Body Spirit Festival on Sunday
I have not been there for about two years so it was a nice to attend, although I missed the workshops. The Mind Body Spirit Festival is the heavyweight festival of personal development seminars.

for more info check out

The main joy was the wishing wall which people were able to put their wishes up for free! this reminded me of Wishcasting Wednesday where today Jamie asks ,

"What frivolous treat do you wish for?"

I wish for a facial and a spa visit which is not actually frivolous but I am grateful for what I have at the moment I just need to take my love and care of myself , as I have worked hard.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Write Up for Elemental Cards

Original Art Affirmation Cards measuring 4x6 inches.
All cards can be purchased here at my Etsy store

Saturday, May 09, 2009

May Dreamboard

Imani -meaning "faith."

Kiswahili origin,

My dedication to the Flower / Hare Moon.....from Jamie Ridler's monthly dreamboard launch to the moon...

My dreamboard represents the creation of building ;
The seeds of Community
Family and Tribe
and Creativity .......

May the seeds flourish into beautiful flowers /tribes/community/friends that will contribute to a better environment and way of living.

May the flowers flow in the wind and return to produce more joy and dreams next spring so that we can build more....

And so it is....

I decided to use an old mini painting of my faith 'air' elemental that I created a few years ago as it spoke to me regarding the meaning of the Hare and flower moon. New beginnings and blossoming.

Its also a Scorpio waning moon so its time to speak your truth and let go of what is not working .. a talking ritual is good at this time.

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