Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Supernova has joined the heavens. RIP Micheal Jackson.

We have lost one of the most influential Supernovas that ever existed. This video has so much meaning and metaphysical information.
Rest in Peace Micheal Jackson.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Next Chapter ~Wreck This Journal~Week One and Two

Welcome to the New Home of my 'Next Chapter' blog home
I have decided to place this phase of the book group for 'Wreck this Journal' on this blog as its time to scale down, it also felt right...

Unlike the idea of Wrecking a Journal ....
When Book group creatrix Jamie Ridler notified us that we were going to be working with this book I was excited. However when the book came I just stared at it perplexed, telling myself 'this was not going to be fun anymore' lol. So I put the book down for a few days, anyway after poking holes and scribbling in my book I realised that

a) I didn't have to cook a meal so that I could spill rub it in my food (that will come)
b) I didn't have to climb the tree that houses the Magpie family just so I could drop the book from a great height.
c) I didn't have to worry about 'the right way' to wreck the journal just enjoy the process....

At first I worried about how much wrecking to do etc etc but then I checked out Jamie's post and she said that we its best to pace ourselves as this group gos on till July very true ..... even destruction has its own time.

Also after reading blogs about firecrackers and friends stealing the journal I feel that its time to enjoy my self with the journal and not take it so seriously.

Normally I am very controlled with my entries, but the influence 'outside the box' nature of this book saw me post week 1 and week 2 together, yes I am just enjoying the process of wrecking my journal...

p.s the book has disappeared and gone for a walk ????

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Full Moon/Rose Moon Dreamboard

A powerful fire moon today in Sagittarius. I feel like our dream board group is like a women's hut that we gather and share sacred creations.

~thats why my theme this month is heavily focused on the womb. creativity, and abundance~

I decided to create my dream board whilst listening to Alexandra Pope's Wild Genie's telecast this site is about about menstrual healing.

After this show I scanned and fixed up my image whilst listening to Dr Tonya Freeman give a radio interview about womb wellness on black womens health radio show, although this is a show for black women Dr Freeman's information is universal.

Dr Tonya's own radio show Wisdom Talks features great women such as Queen Afua, Susan Weed, and Vicky Noble, the interview are a great source of inspiration and a good resource for women.

Dr Tonya's and Alexandra's words reiterated how its important to honour ourself as women and help us overcome issues around our wombs.

As I work through my own healing process I endeavour to honour myself, so that I can give energy to my hopes wishes and dreams during this Fiery Full Moon.

Click here for Dr Tonya Freeman's Wisdom Talks radio show, be sure to check the archived shows.

Click here for Wild Genie's Teleconference

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