Friday, July 31, 2009

Wrecking (not) my Journal

It's been a very challenging time for me Wrecking my Journal.

I haven't kept up with posting and kinda stopped wrecking the journal...
Life got busy, far too busy and the reason that I spent so much time working hard was so that I could have the summer off or at least a good few weeks and finally finish my Creative Healing workbook.

So unfortunately my book club 'postings ' for Jamie's Wreck this Journal suffered...
Now I vow to never let my creative space/time suffer, as creativity is balance in a busy life.

Anyway back to the book...

At first I was excited as I wrote my name especially faintly

I didn't mind the burning, tearing, poking holes, drawing fat and thin lines, coloring, ripping, scratching, crumpling , chewing and circling in the book.

However I felt really uncomfortable with the book's exercise that called for dripping food on it book then disappeared.....

The book promptly returned along with my NLP buddy Viv who was going to do something destructive to the book. Viv also felt bad destroying " a good book" however she decided to pour her food and (some quality red wine) on my book and write her goals on my book to de clutter her house (not bad) but food I preferred the fire cracker!!!!!

Destruction in progress

So after the food pouring episode I have resumed play, and even if I am a bit late at the finish line I shall enjoy the next few weeks destroying this book along with the other things in my life such as activities that take me away from my playtime.

In the meantime I look forward to reading your blogs, watching videos and listening to your words on your process.

And once again thank you Jamie.


Kavindra said...

There you are! You haven't been around. That's Ok, I know you were doing something else fabulous.

I hate putting food in my book too. Yuck.

judiPatootie said...

lucky you to have a Wrecking
I had no hesitation about putting in food..i poured acrylic medium ove it so it wouldnt stink..then i read some uses liquid smoke as their scent..I LOVE THat!!!!
see you with theNEXT CHAPTER??

Hybrid J said...

Fantastic ... you keep going fellow wreck star! :)

Melita said...

i really enjoyed sharing in the wrecking journey with you! keep on wreckin' :)

judiPatootie said...

what i meant to say is"Lucky you to have a wrecking buddy!"

now go wreck somemore..its so liberating Come visit me often, i am so excited to knopw how to blog

Kate said...

Putting the food in my book was hard too. Glad to see these pages. Keep on wrecking.


Kirby3131 said...

I didn't get a lot of food in my journal either - I noticed that almost all of the food stuffs was BBQ sauce related. (It's summertime BBQ season) and it just a small smear each time. Oh well - at least I did it!!

Glad that you have joined back in for the last week and enjoyed it.

Kristin - The Goat

Jamie Ridler said...

Whatever your pace is, it's the right one. I'm so glad we're waving hi and visiting here at the finish line. It's always a joy to connect.

And I'll look forward to hearing more about your Creative Healing Workbook. May you ease your way with joy to the end :)

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