Friday, August 28, 2009

Healing, Fun and Love music Fridays -Esperanza Spalding at the White House honoring Stevie Wonder.

I posted Esperanza last week but it appears to have disappeared from my blog.

Anyway here is another gem from the multi talented and grounded Singer/Bass playing genius.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Moon Circle.




Fire Goddess Card from the Goddess Series
from my etsy store

I am now setting my intentions on the New Moon as opposed to the Full Moon. So I have absconded over to the Artful Life Moon Circle for new intentions but being a loyal Lioness I will still continue to post Full Moon getting rid of 'intentions' with the Full Moon Mama Jamie and her Dreamers from time to time.

I'm a Leo and this is my moon ..... (typical Leo style) .so I am gonna use this time to be very fiery and creative in my ritual of intentions today, and tap into my solar energy.

This New Moon be creative (fire/leo) when setting your intentions or creating your Newl moon ritual. Farmers plant specific seeds during the phases of the moon what-is-lunar-planting/ so seed your own specific goals,intentions, and dreams today. Focusing on what you wish to manifest in your life as opposed to what you don't want in your life.

This site has a full break down of this new moon, and rituals or exercises that you can do during this time.
I would also like to share a moon salutation if you wish to get physical.

My intention for the New moon is;
  • Renewal of Health- after a 3 day cleanse
  • More play and rest into my life
  • A Book publishing deal
  • Travel- holiday or break.
What are your intentions?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Healing, Fun and Love Music Fridays.

Maxwell "Pretty Wings" (Official music Video) [[NEW song 2009]]

During my yoga practice I was feeling a little angry which really confused me (most of the time yoga gives me a blissful feeling).

Before my morning practice I was feeling great after a 3 day apple cleanse and detox . As the feeling came up during my practice I became the witness and worked through the postures as the emotions came and went in a flutter like fashion. I concluded that the emotion was a release from restriction of writing my book and my courses. The past few months have been pretty hectic and I have been pretty grown up with my actions and now its time to play and rest.

So before I make a list of how to fix this mood /feeling or naval gaze on a mountain ... I shall just let go and polish my wings for a while and not take life so's the weekend and time to be dreamy , relaxed and have to have fun.

Have a great weekend...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday with Osho..

I decided to participate in Wishcasting Wednesday hosted by moon mama Jamie where she asks us, "What door do you wish to open?"

Well I wish to open the door to possibility and movement.

OSHO: Don't Use this Planet Like a Waiting Room


Has always been something I struggle with.
Running here, running there...over committing myself to tasks that eventually overwhelm me..

But lately I have stopped ...because I can't do it all , and actually I don't want to do it at all .

Right now I am an concerned with being in the Moment, enjoying life and cooking lovely wholesome food. I have also been creating lovely things that doesn't need to be seen or sold either, as the process of creating is really healing for me after giving out so much as a Coach and teacher, even if I enjoy my job.

So my Wish is to live in the moment and to dance through my life as much as possible....and have fun... after all this life is not is not a 'rehearsal' and the planet is not a waiting room.

And so it is....

Friday, August 07, 2009

Healing, Fun, and Love Music Fridays

Healing, Fun, and Love Music Fridays

In a series of muscial video's posted mostly on Fridays , where I introduce a great song by Les Nubians, 'Makeda' an instant mood lifter..

The Creative Healing Playshops

Mjfontaine Presents

The Creative Healing Playshops
*inconjuction with the Creative Healing Playbook.

Creative Healing Playshop 1

This 2 hour playshop includes:-

*Introduction to the Creative Healing Playbook and an overview of the exercises.
*How to create your own positive statements and goals.
*How to live creatively, and develop your own spiritual practice.


Participants will be creating their own affirmation cards to assist them with their goals , 'jazz' 'zen' or 'pimp' your very own affirmations. (all materials are included)

Cost of Playshop

£10 per participant which is redeemable on a purchase of the Creative Healing Play/Workbook.

Dates: September – February 2009
Venues *TBC

If you would like to book this service for you or your organisation please contact Marilyn for more information at with the word ‘Playshop’ in the subject line.

Creative Healing

Playshop 2

Play and Pamper

This 4 hour playshop includes:-

* Introduction to the Creative Healing Playbook and an overview of the exercises.
* How to create your own positive statements and goals.
* How to live creatively, and develop your own spiritual practice.


Participants will be creating their own affirmation cards (all materials are included).


Participants will be able to enjoy a mini Facial, Manicure and Henna body art during this session.

Cost of Playshop

£60 per participant (with a minimum of 6 people) which includes;

* A redeemable £10 voucher on the purchase of the Creative Healing

* A Free coaching session when you book any of the Creative Healing Courses (this offer is only open to people who book the play and pamper sessions).

To book this service please contact Marilyn at with the word ‘Playshop’ in the subject line.

Dates: September 5th, 19th, 26th 2009 Venue London*TBC

**Registration and payment section coming soon***

Thursday, August 06, 2009

New Moon Dreamboard ~letting go Full Moon..

Intuition lead me to look at the intentions placed around the full moon.. Change has been on my mind constantly as I wind down from a very rollercoaster year. I really want to change some area's in my life so I have decided to work with releasing during the full moon and manifesting during the new moon, in true moon ritual tradition. Therefore I will not be posting my dream boards during the full moon (until there is change :-)) but I will be checking in with every bodies manifestations.

Releasing within the fire
I did a ritual for this potent full moon in Aquarius which is in my opposite sign (Leo) and worked on the things I wanted to let go ..
In line with this moon falling within a fire month I did a fire ceremony. burning phrases and things that represented all the things that I no longer wished for in my life..

Before the ceremony I was feeling very low in spirit and mood so having a cleansing bath was like a purging of negativity and stress that had been in my energy field. I felt much more clearer after the releasing, and realised how much I needed to focus on letting go
during a strong full and pregnant moon.

Now I can look forward to creating my dreamboard during the New moon.

Be Blessed.

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