Thursday, August 06, 2009

New Moon Dreamboard ~letting go Full Moon..

Intuition lead me to look at the intentions placed around the full moon.. Change has been on my mind constantly as I wind down from a very rollercoaster year. I really want to change some area's in my life so I have decided to work with releasing during the full moon and manifesting during the new moon, in true moon ritual tradition. Therefore I will not be posting my dream boards during the full moon (until there is change :-)) but I will be checking in with every bodies manifestations.

Releasing within the fire
I did a ritual for this potent full moon in Aquarius which is in my opposite sign (Leo) and worked on the things I wanted to let go ..
In line with this moon falling within a fire month I did a fire ceremony. burning phrases and things that represented all the things that I no longer wished for in my life..

Before the ceremony I was feeling very low in spirit and mood so having a cleansing bath was like a purging of negativity and stress that had been in my energy field. I felt much more clearer after the releasing, and realised how much I needed to focus on letting go
during a strong full and pregnant moon.

Now I can look forward to creating my dreamboard during the New moon.

Be Blessed.


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